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Mastering the American Accent with Audio CDs

This combination book and audio instructional program is designed to diminish the accents of men and women who speak English as their second language. It will help them speak standard American English with clarity, confidence, and accuracy. Specific exercises concentrate on vowel sounds, problematic consonants such as V, W, B, TH, and the American R, employ correct syllable stress, link words for smoother speech flow, use common word contractions such as won’t instead of will not, and more. Additional topics that often confuse ESL students are also discussed and explained. They include distinguishing between casual and formal speech, homophones (for instance, they’re and there), recognizing words with silent letters (comb, receipt, and others), and avoiding embarrassing pronunciation mistakes, such as mixing up party and potty. Students are familiarized with many irregular English spelling rules and exceptions, and are shown how such irregularities can contribute to pronunciation erro…

Achieve IELTS Practice Test Book

The Book contains:Detailed description of the test and its question types Strategies for preparing for the test Four complete IELTS practice tests prepared by experienced examiners and authors of exam materials. Full answer key with audioscripts and sample writing answers Authentic IELTS test answer sheet for familiarisation by students Personal assessment sheets for teacher feedback and to assist progress.DOWNLOAD BOOK




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