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[Coursebook] Clockwise Upper Intermediate

Clockwise is an intensive refresher course in general English for adults, with an emphasis on improving the quality of students' language performance. It is designed for university students and adults in the working world with limited time and money, who want confidence in general English quickly and effectively, for social interaction and travel or functional purposes. Its image is adult, clear, simple, spacious, accessible, and businesslike.Key features:- Practical syllabus includes pronunciation and lots of oral practice, as well as memory skills and timed activities to encourage fast, relevant learning.- Introduces work on features of spoken English, conversational tactics, and high frequency idiomatic vocabulary.- Clear objectives in each lesson encourage achievement and progress.- Short lessons can be used in any order, allowing choice in topic and syllabus coverage.- All-in-one Classbook, with Practice section and writing activities.
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Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced and Proficiency

his preparation book provides thorough coverage of the structures and vocabulary essential for exam success. Grammar is presented clearly and concisely in each unit with integrated vocabulary content, and varied and challenging exercises. Geared exactly to the requirements of the examsLearner errors identified and corrected using the Longman Learner’s CorpusDiagnostic test for every unit, and regular progress tests in exam formatClear cross-referencing of related grammar and vocabularySpecial focus on useful words and phrasesIn line with 1999 CAE EXAM specificationsPdf in RAR, 288 pages including cover and back cover. File size: 4.72Mb
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[Readings] A Christmas Carol & Other Christmas Books

'What was merry Christmas to Scrooge? Out upon merry Christmas! What good had it ever done to him?'

Ebenezer Scrooge is a bad-tempered skinflint who hates Christmas and all it stands for, but a ghostly visitor foretells three apparitions who will thaw Scrooge's frozen heart. A Christmas Carol has gripped the public imagination since it was first published in 1843, and it is now as much a part of Christmas as mistletoe or plum pudding. This edition reprints the story alongside Dickens's four other Christmas Books: The Chimes, The Cricket on the Hearth, The Battle of Life, and The Haunted Man. All five stories show Dickens at his unpredictable best, jumbling together comedy and melodrama, genial romance and urgent social satire, in pursuit of his aim 'to awaken some loving and forbearing thoughts, never out of season in a Christian land'. File size: 2.98 MB
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